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About Us

About Us

Architectural concrete by OPC is as rugged as it is beautiful. Placed to depths ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches, reinforced with steel rebar, and with a minimum compressive strength of 3500 pounds per square inch, it can be expected to fill the same construction needs as regular concrete.

Architectural concrete by OPC is ideal for interior or exterior use on both residential and commercial properties. Whether the property’s architectural concepts call for an Old-World touch, a dramatic contemporary look or modern styling, our wide variety of colors and realistic textures presents unlimited possibilities. Imagine having the look of slate like the walks of New Orleans, cobblestone in any of the varied textures and designs used in Europe, a brick drive, plaza area or street, where individual bricks do not come loose, or even the look of a wood deck without the worry of boards warping. These options can make any area brighter, more colorful, more interesting and more personal.

Established in 1990, OPC is proud to be leaving authentic impressions on Northwest Arkansas. We look forward to serving you in the near future.


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